Engagement in a Virtual Environment! Let’s “Bring Them Back”!

As National DPP providers, many of us wear multiple hats, working full time, multiple projects, home, family, school. While all of this is going on,  we often find ourselves searching for that particular National DPP resource. Recognizing your time is valuable. we are actively managing the State of Wellness Resources Page, regularly updating and organizing. […]

Making it Simpler….Revised Requirements: 2021 DPRP Standards

As we all review and begin using the New 2021 DPRP Standards, it can feel overwhelming at times! The NDPP Customer Service Center hears us and has just released a “Summary” of the revised requirements for CDC Recognition and related workflows. Making the workflow a bit simpler. The CSC has created the Revised Requirements in the […]

Sometimes It’s Hard to Wait!!

It’s been quite the summer so far! New 2021 DPRP Standards, updated DPRP Recognition requirements, upcoming NEW NDPP curriculum. This list seems to be growing! So many of us are asking, “When will the NDPP CSC post additional webinars, the new NDPP curriculum, and even add DPRP Office Hours to the NDPP CSC Calendar?” We […]

The “Reluctant” DPP Participant

The “Reluctant Participant”…… As we know, our DPP participants bring so much to our programs! At the same time, we recognize the variety of personalities that make up our wonderful groups. The question then becomes, “How do we respect the personalities of each participant and at the same time create an environment which encourages everyone […]

Your DPP–Quality Assurance!

So many tools and resources in your quest to maintain and grow a quality Diabetes Prevention Program. One great resource is your participants! In providing a mid and end of program survey, you can collect feedback regarding program materials, logistics, goals achieved, and coaching. Access the State of Wellness Resources page to download examples of […]

FAQ: Reapplying for CDC Recognition

Which way do I go? How do I get started? As program leaders, some make the decision to withdraw from CDC Recognition. There can be so many reasons. For those that find themselves in this situation, the NDPP Customer Service Program provides support and guidance. And, YES, you can reapply. Note: As the NDPP transitions […]

More to Share!…NEW 2021 DPRP Standards

More to share as the CDC/NDPP released the NEW 2021 DPRP Standards. As a big reminder…first…don’t forget to download/copy the New 2021 DPRP Standards! Then….review the latest summary . So how do the updated 2021 Standards compare to the 2018 Standards? Basically, we see a lot of similarity between the two guides, with a few minor additions, changes along […]

Leave No Stone Unturned!

  Another topic that emerges…..Where can I find reimbursement for our Diabetes Prevention Program? As we build our DPPs….or even preparing to launch that first class, “leave no stoned unturned”, as you explore reimbursement opportunities! *Check out the major insurers in your area. Find out if they cover DPP! Remember, however, when someone registers and […]

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! March 23rd Diabetes Alert Day!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!   Tuesday, March 23rd is American Diabetes Association Alert Day! A fantastic opportunity to increase awareness and market your Diabetes Prevention Program. Especially significant as we begin new programs, both in person and virtual platforms.    Start Planning! A great opportunity to increase awareness of T2 and the NDPP. Where do I […]