As National DPP providers, many of us wear multiple hats, working full time, multiple projects, home, family, school. While all of this is going on,  we often find ourselves searching for that particular National DPP resource. Recognizing your time is valuable. we are actively managing the State of Wellness Resources Page, regularly updating and organizing. Our goal is to meet your needs as you create and sustain your National DPP.

Well….here’s the latest “Hot Topic”:

How Do I Develop and Sustain an Engaging Virtual National DPP?

The virtual National DPP has been a part of the landscape for a long time, but we are noticing the virtual National DPP has exploded since COVID has arrived and is sticking around! Not only that…but the great news is that the virtual platform is here to stay as so many of our participants and stakeholders are telling us they are not only comfortable using this technology, but it can simplify their lives: attending class “where they are”! In addition, “retention”, aka, getting participants to want to come back, has become a significant  part of the newly revised DRPP Standards.

As a reminder, according to the DPRP 2021 Standards, page 5, we can deliver the DPP either in-person, on-line, or through distance-learning. How does an on-line program compare to a distance led class? Looking at page 5:

  1. Online. A yearlong National DPP LCP delivered 100% online for all participants. Participants log into course sessions via a computer, tablet, or smart phone. The organization must be able to track the participants’ progress through online course sessions. CDC recommends requiring user IDs and passwords for course access. Live Lifestyle Coach interaction is required and should be offered to each participant no less than once per week during the first six months and once per month during the second six months. **E-mails and text messages** can count toward the requirement for live coach interaction as long as there is bi-directional communication (i.e., organizations do not simply send out an announcement via text or e-mail and count that as live coach interaction; the participant must have the ability to respond to and get support from the live coachi).
  2. Distance Learning. A yearlong National DPP LCP delivered 100% by trained Lifestyle Coaches via remote classroom or telehealth. The Lifestyle Coach provides live delivery of session content in one location and participants call-in or video-conference from another location. Organizations that conduct make-up sessions via a delivery mode other than distance learning are still considered to be delivering the program by distance learning.

    These remote classrooms could include, but are not limited to, Skype, WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeetings, GoogleMeet, FacebookLive, etc. Those organizations can obtain weights via digital technology, such as Bluetooth-enabled scales, or accept a self- report from a participant’s own at-home scale. (Bluetooth-enabled scales refer to scales that transmit weights securely via wireless or cellular transmission.)

We’ve also noticed a waterfall  of so many virtual resources along the way…various webinars from multiple organizations  along with related NDPP documents/guides and webinars, as well. What can be challenging is finding these resources and the TIME to funnel through all of them.

Here’s the good news…

The State of Wellness created a new “one stop” resource, State of  Wellness National DPP Virtual Tips and Resources (Virtual Programming Tools and Resources Category),  summarizing and providing a wide variety of virtual program resources…..some of the topics/resources included:

As more resources are discovered, our new resource will be updated!  We are on it!


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