As your National DPP transitions to the new DPRP Data Submission requirements, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Where do I begin….Where can I go for help? The State of Wellness is here to reassure you that there are a multitude of resources to assist you on your journey!

Where Can I Start?

As a coach or program coordinator, we first strongly recommend that you have an easily accessible copy of the NEW 2021 Standards. Here you will truly find everything you need to walk you through program fundamentals, including:

You may still wonder….how do I access help from the NDPP Technical Support Team, who can answer specific questions on any NDPP related topic/issue? Contact the National DPP Customer Service Center by logging in and selecting “Contact Us/Contact Support”. Please be sure to include your organization name and organization
code in the subject line of your email
. You will be asked to register with our Customer Service Center to submit and track your technical assistance requests and contribute to peer discussions. There will be upcoming webinars and FAQ sessions. Click here to access the NDPP CSC Calendar! Finally, keep your eye on the NDPP CSC home page for posted recordings of the NDPP webinars, addressing transitioning to the 2021 Standards and Data Submission. At this time, while we look forward to release of the recordings, the State of Wellness Resources Page has posted the slides of both webinars.


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